Sasha the Soul-teller

Sasha Christina Singh was born in Guyana, South America. At the age of 5 she and her family moved to the United States, to make their home in Long Island, New York. Since early childhood, Sasha's imagination ran wild. Art became a primary outlet for her to express her vivid ideas.

Through many phases in Sasha's life, she realized that her art was not only just a hobby, but it also became a safe place for her to express her feelings. Even in adulthood, Sasha cherishes her inner child. Her imagination continues to flow through her art today.


Currently residing in Southwest Florida, Sasha's meditation practice is crucial in her life. Clearing her mind allows her to trust in the process, and channel this sacred flow into all of her artwork.

Fun Facts

Top Podcast - River of Wisdom, Vedanta by Swamini B

Favorite Food - Vietnamese Cuisine

Movies on Repeat - Jurassic Park/World Series

Artist Inspiration - Rassouli

Personality Type - ENFP : The Campaigner

Written in the Stars - #TeamVirgo

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